Friday, September 16, 2011

SFFSat: most of my characters live within serious danger of cirrhosis

 Yarrow makes fun of Jules for getting buzzed off noge** instead of ale, and some good-natured competition ensues...
“Sure. That, or you have nearly no tolerance.”

He raised his eyebrows at her, leaning back in his chair and looking as superior as Jules could. “I’ll have you know I could outdrink you with any beverage, Bellica,” he said, all seriousness.

“Oh,” she said, snickering. “Really. Let’s test that, shall we?”

They shook on it, and then Ghia, with her always impeccable timing, appeared with the food, asking if they needed any more drinks. Yarrow started a tab and told her to keep the noge coming, for she was going to prove to Jules which of them was more of a woman, once and for all.

Ghia’s face held some affectionate exasperation as she went to fill this next order, and then the Midwinter Yarrow-versus-Jules games truly began.

**egg nog, but with a cooler name because I'm pretentious. ;)

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  1. Fun little excerpt...enjoyed it. :-)

  2. I take it this is not the eggnog one buys in cartons in the dairy department?

  3. Ah drinking games - this can't end well :)

  4. Aston -- thank you! :)

    Homecomingbook -- ah, no. This is the very alcoholic egg nog type drink made from scratch in the tavern. :)

    Laurel -- thanks!

    Witchhunt -- bwah ha ha. No, no it can't. ^_^ Hurricanes should be named after Yarrow when she's drunk, honestly. ;)

  5. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition, lol! Altho noge sounds pretty lethal to me.