Friday, April 6, 2012

SFFSat, April 7th 2012: Mt. Impri and ancient mageks

For a bit of change of pace this week I'm giving y'all a small snippet from Bellica, my first novel. This is from later on in the novel, when Yarrow (my protagonist) and one of her closest and oldest friends, Jules, are investigating the insides of Mt. Impri -- the capricious guardian of Atton, Athering's northernmost town. Here they find strange, ancient mageks and a situation perhaps more dangerous than the one they left behind...

“Frankly, though, this place gives me the creeps and I’d like to leave,” he added, and Yarrow felt a bit of bravado come back.

“And face certain death?” she asked.

He gestured with his sword to the still open door that led to darkness. “We could die here!”

“Yes, but it’s not certain.”

He made a noise of exasperation. “Fine. You first.”

I’d planned on it, she thought, but only nodded and drew her boot knife.
Slowly she stepped forward through the door, into the dark hallway beyond. A blue light passed over her face and body, making the small hairs on her skin stand up on end.
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  1. Nothing like a good dungeon crawl to get goose bumps on your skin! Nice snippet!

  2. It's a win just because she has a boot knife. Nice work. :o)

  3. Boot knives have a lot of uses.

  4. Very nice ending to the snippet...nothing like a mysterious blue light to get you wondering what's going to happen next.

  5. I smell trouble. Great snippet, and like TM said, the blue light does get you wondering!!

  6. I'm on her side. Uncertain death is way better odds than certain death.

  7. Blue lights and boot knives are always in fashion. Great snippet. Wonderful mood.

  8. Stay out of the light! Heh. Great snippet - more!